About Us

Disability Law Queensland is a not-for-profit legal firm helping people with disability and their families navigate the law. We believe in making justice accessible for all. We strive to protect and improve the lives of people living with disability and their families by offering client-centric legal services.

Disability Law Queensland help people with disabilities navigate the legalities of Wills, Trusts, Guardianship, Power of Attorney and Discrimination. Our legal services are tailored specifically for people with a disability and their families. This means we have a dedication to accessible service and a more holistic approach to the challenges you face.

Disability Law Queensland aims to build rich, meaningful and inclusive lives for people with disabilities and their families. We take pride in serving the vulnerable community, with its unique concerns, and we prioritise our clients’ needs at every step. We provide Trusts and Estates Planning for people with disability who do not have capacity to manage their own assets. This help people with a disability manage their finances and it establishes financial safeguards that minimise exploitation and financial abuse.

We plan Guardianship arrangements that aim to increase autonomy and reduce risks to the person with disability, provide advice and representation in relation to discrimination and human rights matters. Challenging community structures, increases equality and enables people with disability to live and participate inclusively. We represent people with disability and their families at the Disability Royal Commission, and we lobby for changes in the law.

Our Team has years of combined law experience, including specialist qualifications in Applied Law in Succession (Wills & Estates). This experience has helped us assist thousands of clients over the past few years. At Disability Law Queensland, we believe in providing accessible, understanding legal service to people with disabilities and their families.