Adult Child Maintenance

Adult Child Maintenance are payments to support a child who is 18 years (or older) who has mental illness or physical disability. 

Parents caring for a child or children with a disability often have ongoing costs in supporting the child/ren, above and beyond what is provide for by the NDIS or other supports. Where parents have separated, those costs can end up falling on one parent. A Child Support Agreement or a Child Support Assessment often apply in these cases and usually addresses the other parents contribution to these ongoing costs, although these payments cease when a child turns 18.

However, a child that has turned 18 that has a mental or physical disability may continue to receive Adult Child Maintenance from one or both parents. If the parents cannot agree for provision of that maintenance after the child turns 18, then an application can be made for a court order for a parent or parent/s to provide the maintenance.

If you would to access Adult child Maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice from one of our Legal Practitioners.