Challenging a Will – Estate Litigation

Disability Law Queensland assists with Estate Litigation – Challenging a Will.

If someone has died and you are not happy with their Will you may consider challenging it. This is called Estate Litigation.

Estate Litigation can happen because may be questions about the Will that was made or about distribution of the estate if there was no Will.  Generally if there is a Will, Estate Litigation is commenced due to questions about:

  • the legal ‘capacity’ of the  person who made the Will;
  • whether the person who made the will was pressured, coerced or influenced to make the Will a certain way; or
  • whether the distribution to beneficiaries in the Will was fair (called adequate provision).

At Disability Law Queensland we can give you initial advice or ongoing representation to for Estate Litigation.  We can also offer assistance to defend a Will if another person brings a challenge.

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