How we can help

Disability Law Queensland helps people with disabilities navigate the legalities of Wills, Trusts, Guardianship, and Discrimination. Our services are tailored specifically for people with a disability and their families. This means we have a dedication to accessible service and a more holistic approach to the challenges you face.

Disability advocacy service that aims to build rich, meaningful and inclusive lives for people with disabilities and their families.

Our Team has 25 years of combined law experience, including specialist qualifications in Applied Law in Succession (Wills & Estates) for planning for the future. Our legal experience has helped us assist thousands of clients in over the past few years and into the future.

At Disability Law Queensland, we believe in providing accessible, understanding legal service to people with disabilities and their families.


When working with Disability Law Queensland, I found my experience to be incredibly worthwhile. They were consistent and kept communication clear. I would be happy to consult with Disability Law Queensland again, as they have proven that their clients come first.

Amee’s clear, understandable use of language, explanations and examples, make it very easy to understand structures that can be complex and often unfamiliar to everyday people.

We know we can trust Amee to give advice that will be in the person with disability’s best interests because of her enabling attitude and outlook. We believe setting up systems of support that enable choice and control are far more effective and efficient that any other system. The are sustainable and empowering for all parties.

We encourage all people with disabilities and their allies and families to avail themselves of Disability Law Queensland services. We also encourage services to become familiar with the services of Disability Law Queensland so they can promote choice and control for their client’s and their families.

We are looking forward to learning more from Disability Law Queensland about Human Rights for people with disabilities and are grateful to Amee for being proactive regarding this matter.

We recently used Disability Law Queensland to create our Wills and Enduring Power of Attorneys. Disability Law Queensland made the process as easy as possible for us by providing templates to complete and consider as well as organising  phone meetings so we didn’t need to journey to their office.

Amee ensured we thought of everything, that we understood the documents and answered any questions we had. It was a pain free, well organised process.  We could not recommend them more.