Disability Law Queensland commits to ensuring people, who are receiving legal services from our organisation, are supported within a Human Rights practice and support framework. DLQ is also committed to embedding Human Rights practice within our organisation.  We are committed to upholding our core values and maintaining a safe system of working conditions for DLQ staff free of abusive, aggressive or violent behaviour.  DLQ has a zero tolerance policy on aggression and violence against its employees.

DLQ expects that you will be respectful and courteous when communicating with our employees. Please ensure that you:

  • treat others as you would like to be treated
  • use an appropriate speaking level and tone
  • communicate without using threats, abuse or offensive language
  • conduct yourself without using offensive gestures or behaviour

DLQ will:

  • endeavour to be courteous and helpful
  • give you what information we can to assist you with your enquiry including referral to suitable agencies
  • communicate where your matter is up to

If you use abusive, threatening or violent behaviour towards DLQ employees they will:

  1. Advise you that they will be unable to assist you if you continue that behaviour
  2. Warn you they will end the conversation if your aggressive behaviour continues
  3. End the conversation if your aggressive behaviour continues.

DLQ may also implement a communication plan in the event that the abusive behaviour continues.  Behaviour which breaches this policy will be taken seriously and may affect our provision of legal services to you and/ or further legal action including but not limited to reporting to police.  This policy applies to violence and aggression towards all DLQ employees as well as to contractors and volunteers while they are assisting DLQ. 

Our zero tolerance policy includes the following behaviours:

Non Physical Abuse: The use of inappropriate words or behaviour causing distress and/or constituting harassment. This includes receipt of abusive telephone calls from any source.

Physical Abuse: The intentional application of force against the person of another without lawful justification resulting in physical injury or personal discomfort.

Anti-Social and aggressive Behaviour: The following are examples of anti-social behaviour that are not acceptable at our office, by telephone or online means:

· Excessive noise eg loud or intrusive conversation, or shouting

· Threatening or abusive language including excess swearing or offensive remarks or gestures

· Derogatory racial, religious or sexual remarks or behaviour

· Malicious allegations relating to members of staff

· Inappropriate behaviour as a result of alcohol or misuse of illicit drugs, including non-prescribed medication or drugs

· Intimidation, threats or threatening behaviour (eg ‘I know where you live’)

· Harassment or stalking

· Any explicit or implicit threat or challenge to the safety, well-being or health of any member of staff

Violence: includes actual or perceived acts of violence or threats of violence and brandishing weapons or objects which could be used as weapons.

If you need to discuss your concerns please email